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Let's be honest... adulting is exhausting and I believe we all need to be more intentional about taking time for creativity, laughter, and making memories with the people we love. "Cookies & Cocktails" was created for this very reason!

I am on a mission to create fun and approachable cake & cookie decorating experiences for everyone. 

These aren't your average cookie & cake classes. These pop-up style workshops are intended to feel like fun night out at your local neighborhood bar- not a classroom. Which is why these workshops are actually held at local bars, wineries, breweries, and DIY Studios. Not only does this this give each workshop a unique vibe, but it also supports these amazing local businesses!

You do not have to be artistic or have prior decorating experience to join and have a blast at these workshops. These skills take SO MUCH practice to perfect, so don't put that pressure on yourself. My workshops are organized, but unstructured.. meaning you can decorate at your own pace. Follow along with my step-by-step directions or get creative and make it your own! My goal is to give you a couple hours to learn something new, practice fun techniques, let loose, get a little weird and have fun being creative.  Each workshop features a fun theme, achievable designs, and all the tools needed. Of course, each workshop experience also includes a complimentary Signature Cocktail & Mocktail as well as a seasonal snack-cuterie box.

 Each location offers a unique experience I guarantee you will have the best time catching up with friends, learning & laughing! 



meet  kristen

creator of cookies & cocktails


Kristen started her career in the Pastry Arts 18+ years ago, with a big move to Las Vegas, NV after graduating from Western Culinary Institute in Portland, OR.

She spent 3 years as a chocolatier at the Bellagio Hotel & Casino, and then went on to open and run her own award-winning custom cake studio & bake shoppe “Gimme Some Sugar” in Henderson, NV from 2009-2015.  After a bittersweet ending to an era, Kristen took on a position as head pastry chef for a local catering company, and then went on to create elaborate custom cakes at Las Vegas favorite “Freed’s Bakery” for 5+ years.


 Her newest endeavor “Cookies & Cocktails”  was created purely out of her love for sharing creativity, pastry arts, and a good glass of wine with others. It's a passion project that turned into a thriving business!


Update: As of November 2022, Cookies & Cocktails has moved to Portland, Oregon with frequent destination workshops held in Las Vegas.

Did you know... Kristen also has had few noteworthy TV appearances including: VH1’s “Fabulous Life”, TLC’s “Sister Wives” and of course The Food Network’s “Halloween Wars: season 5”, "Ridiculous Cakes" and “Vegas Cakes” season 2.

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